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Aims and scope
Cuestiones Pedagógicas is a peer-reviewed international journal that published original research on a variety of issues related to field of education that are relevant for researchers as well as educational professionals. The journal publishes two volumes a year, in June and December, respectively. A maximum of 25 papers per year is published.
By welcoming work based on a range of disciplinary perspectives, Cuestiones Pedagógicas supports both researchers and practitioners, providing a meeting point for existing as well as developing approaches. Cuestiones Pedagógicas aims to become one of the main platforms for the national and international dissemination of emerging theoretical and empirical research related to education and learning. Contributions cover a broad range of works, such as original research articles, recently published works reviews, essays, case studies, contrasted educational experiences and bibliographic reviews. Works based on Interdisciplinary approaches, rigorous analysis and innovative contributions are specially welcomed.
The journal's publication languages are Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese and/or French. The OJS format is used in the editorial process (
Manuscripts are subject to initial appraisal by the editors, and, if found suitable for further consideration, to peer review by independent, anonymous expert referees. All peer review is double blind and submission is by email to the editors. Extended special issues guest-edited by leading scholars are published regularly and proposals are welcome.
Cuestiones pedagogicas is an open access journal. Operating on the principle that free availability to research promotes greater exchange of global knowledge, this journal provides immediate access to all its contents.