Lockss Publisher Manifest

Archive of published issues 2020:

Vol. 3, N. 1: https://revistascientificas.us.es/index.php/IROCAMM/issue/view/Vol%201%2C%20N.%203
Vol. 3, N. 2: https://revistascientificas.us.es/index.php/IROCAMM/issue/view/Vol%202%2C%20N.%203


Archive of published issues 2019:


Vol. 2, N. 1: https://revistascientificas.us.es/index.php/IROCAMM/issue/view/811
Vol. 2, N. 2: https://revistascientificas.us.es/index.php/IROCAMM/issue/view/812


Archive of published issues 2018:

Vol. 1, N. 1: https://revistascientificas.us.es/index.php/IROCAMM/issue/view/538




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