Air transportation and the COVID-19 pandemic: Towards a change of the path in the spanish airport network?


  • Roberto Díez-Pisonero Complutense University of Madrid
  • Cándida Gago-García Complutense University of Madrid

Palabras clave:

Air transportation, COVID-19, Airports, Air connectivity, Spain


COVID-19 has been a profound shock to the global economy and, in particular, in the aviation industry, as it is affected by restrictive measures to stop the spread of the virus. Besides describing the impact of the pandemic on the commercial aviation sector globally, this study analyses the air connectivity of Spanish airports in order to understand the changes that have occurred in the country’s airport network because of COVID-19. Through the study of connectivity with a topological connectivity coefficient and its mapping, this analysis looks at the history of the Spanish aviation diachronically (1970 to 2020). There is no doubt that the pandemic is affecting aviation in away never experienced before, both in terms of commercial (frequencies and routes) and health security.


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Biografía del autor/a

Roberto Díez-Pisonero, Complutense University of Madrid

Department of Geography, Faculty of Geography and History

Cándida Gago-García, Complutense University of Madrid

Professor of Regional Geographic Analysis at the Complutense University (UCM). His scientific interest focuses on the processes of cultural and territorial transformation associated with globalization, with emphasis on the effects of new mobility and tourism. It also deals with the global territorial structure, derived from mobility (urban hierarchies, world cities, air transport and differential spatiality) and the effects of globalization within cities (gentrification). She is the author of numerous scientific articles, books and book chapters. Also of atlases whose production amounts to more than a dozen. She has performed different tasks in university management, being Secretary of a university institute and Coordinator of the Degree in Geography and Territory Planning (UCM).



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Díez-Pisonero, R., & Gago-García, C. (2022). Air transportation and the COVID-19 pandemic: Towards a change of the path in the spanish airport network?. Revista De Estudios Andaluces, (43), 252–254. Recuperado a partir de



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