Industrial location and urban system: Food industry in inland Spain.


  • José Luis Sánchez-Hernández University of Salamanca
  • José Manuel Llorente-Pinto University of Salamanca
  • Valeriano Rodero-González University of Salamanca
  • José Luis Alonso-Santos University of Salamanca

Palabras clave:

Industrial location, food industry, urban system, inland regions, Spain,


The location of food industries in inland Spain is closely linked to the distribution of the population at the municipality level. Nevertheless, this overarching pattern hides significant variability at the branch level. Such variability is the basis for proposing a typology of branches according to their distribution across the settlement pattern, from metropolitan areas to rural villages. This typology may enhance the design of local development policies because it identifies the locational preferences for each food branch and subsequently allows for the allocation of public resources to support the activities more suitable for each specific geographical and socioeconomic setting.


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Sánchez-Hernández, J. L., Llorente-Pinto, J. M., Rodero-González, V., & Alonso-Santos, J. L. (2015). Industrial location and urban system: Food industry in inland Spain. Revista De Estudios Andaluces, (32), 22–25. Recuperado a partir de



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