The electric vehicle in spanish people under 45 years old: acceptance criteria


  • Óscar Gutiérrez-Aragón University of Girona
  • Joan-Francesc Fondevila-Gascón University of Girona
  • Blai Roca-Martínez University of Girona
  • Marc Segura-Rodríguez University of Girona

Palabras clave:

Electric vehicles, Automotive sector, Sustainability, Mobility, Young adults, Environmental awareness, Acceptance


The objective of this research is the analysis of the general position of the Spanish population under 45 years old (young adults) regarding the acceptance of the electric vehicle. The methodology is quantitative (from survey data) and qualitative (semi-structured interviews with professionals in the sector Although most of the participants state that they are aware of the environment, only 29.4% would be interested in purchasing an electric vehicle, its high price being the biggest barrier. It is concluded that electric vehicles will be the predominant mobility option in the future, although currently they are not, mainly among the younger population. In any case, interest in electric vehicles is different depending on gender, level of education and frequency of vehicle change.


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Gutiérrez-Aragón, Óscar, Fondevila-Gascón, J.-F., Roca-Martínez, B., & Segura-Rodríguez, M. (2024). The electric vehicle in spanish people under 45 years old: acceptance criteria. Revista De Estudios Andaluces, (47), 274–276. Recuperado a partir de



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