Analysis of the determinants of export performance in the spanish companies from the footwear industry


  • Fernando González-Ferriz Isabel I University, Burgos, Spain

Palabras clave:

Internationalization, International marketing, Export performance, Exports, Management, Footwear industry


This investigation pretends to examine the behaviour of the exporting companies in the footwear sector, one of the most important in the eastern region of Spain, which generates sustainable added value through fashion. The testimony of the managers from a representative selection of companies will show the strengths and weaknesses of their internationalization processes, paying a special attention to variables like the international marketing strategy or the managerial function. On the other hand, the descriptive analysis of the most important determinants of export performance in the sector, will show that: (1) managers are well trained, (2) both the environment and firm characteristics will influence the marketing strategy, and (3) marketing policies incorporate relational elements and certain aspects of new technologies. This results in the evolution towards an environment based on services, where the study of market conditions will be decisive to identify customer needs in the best possible way. Finally, the contribution of theories like the Resourced Based View (RBV), the dynamic capabilities or the contingency theory will be crucial from the academic point of view.


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Fernando González-Ferriz, Isabel I University, Burgos, Spain

Fernando González-Ferriz is graduated in Business Administration and has a PhD in Business and Economics, specializing in Marketing and Internationalization. At present, he works as a postgraduate and professional training teacher. He has also been a consultant for the implementation of internationalization strategies and has worked as an export manager for several Spanish companies, starting his career as a trade officer in the Spanish Trade Commission in Hong Kong (China). His fields of investigation are international marketing strategies and the innovation in teaching methodologies.



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