Conditions for Vine Cultivation in Roman Times through the Columella and GIS


  • Pedro Trapero-Fernández Cadiz University

Palabras clave:

Roman viticulture; Columella; GIS; Ancient agronomists; Hasta Regia


For crop vineyards it is requires an edaphological and location characteristics. In Ancient Times we knew their through the latin agronomists like Lucio Junio Moderato Columela. In these books, we found references about the soil, slope and orientation classification typologies as main conditions for choose the cultivation place. We compare the ancient knowledge with actual soil sciences, using for integrate them the Geographical Information Systems. In this paper, we propose a careful reading of ancient sources, especially Columella, applied in a study case the Hasta Regia colony (Baetic province) for modelling the territory and agricultural production conditions. The article seek to propose a GIS model about ancient viticulture with the correlation between written sources and actual geographical conditions, both needed parameter for the model and future studies.


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Pedro Trapero-Fernández, Cadiz University

Postdoctoral contracted University of Cádiz



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Trapero-Fernández, P. (2021). Conditions for Vine Cultivation in Roman Times through the Columella and GIS. Revista De Estudios Andaluces, (41), 226–227. Recuperado a partir de



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