Transnational Inter-Territorial Cooperation in the LEADER Approach. The Cases of Finland and Spain


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Neo-Endogenous Rural, Development, Leader Approach, Transnational Cooperation, Projects, European Union, Rural Policy


This research focuses on the LEADER approach, the practice of neo-endogenous rural development inside the European Union (EU), and inside of this, one of its basic specificities, transnational cooperation projects (TNCP), specifically for Finland and Spain, and for the 2007-2013 programming period, what implementation problems have these projects faced? What effects have been derived from their application? To obtain quantitative information, the reports from the European Rural Development Network have been analyzed; and to extract detailed information, the reports of the National Rural Network of Spain, of Nordic-Baltic LEADER Cooperation Award, have been consulted, in addition to for some projects, the reports of these TNCPs of each Local Action Group; and in the cases that those responsible for these TNCPs have been found, the data extracted from a questionnaire, answered by 19 of them. The data show that PCTNs have not obtained the needed expectations, mainly due to bureaucratic, economic problems, and even, due to the lack of willingness of the initial and last stakeholders and managers in charge to implement them. Therefore, the potential for transnational cooperation remains underutilized in terms of knowledge sharing and skills development, to provide new ideas and inspiration that strengthen rural development strategies, and even to foster solidarity between different rural areas.


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Francisco Antonio Navarro-Valverde, University of Granada

Department of Human Geography

Eugenio Cejudo-García, University of Granada

Department of Human Geography



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Navarro-Valverde, F. A., Pylkänen, P., Hyyryläinen, T., & Cejudo-García, E. (2020). Transnational Inter-Territorial Cooperation in the LEADER Approach. The Cases of Finland and Spain. Revista De Estudios Andaluces, (39), 197–199. Recuperado a partir de



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