Reform of economic system and the Thesis of the Three Economies.


  • Manuel Figueroa Exfuncionario de la CEPAL (Argentina)

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Economic system reform, Thesis Three Economies, community social economy, social labor markets, creating productive jobs



The thesis of the Three Economies supports that progress in the gradual resolution of the problems of unemployment and poverty, countries will have to agree on public policy ideas to complement the core contributions made in their respective historical times, schools of thought emerged around the contrasting ideas of Adam Smith, Karl Marx, John M. Keynes and Raul Prebisch. The thesis proposes specifically institutionalize reforms in the economic system to ensure good convergent and concurrent operation of a competitive free market capitalism, an effective public economy standards of legal certainty and a new social-communal economy turning operation "social productive labor markets "enables creating wealth using the energies of young people and unemployed adults.



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