Local Autonomy, Territorial Organization and Municipal Segregation


  • Luis Copano-Ortiz

Palabras clave:

Local autonomy, segregation, submunicipal entities, autonomous local entity, neighborhood entity.


The Law 5/2010 of Local Autonomy of Andalusia deepens in the capacities of the municipalities to decide on themselves: the procedures of segregation of municipal terms need express conformity of the absolute majority of the plenary session of the local government of the municipality that suffers the segregation. On the other hand, the municipalities have the possibility of spatially organizing their municipal area, or part of it, in territorial districts as a manifestation of their full political autonomy, and may be of a deconcentrated nature (hamlets, parishes, villages, neighborhoods, churches, councils, districts, adjoining and other analogous places) or decentralized (Autonomous Local Entities or Neighborhood Entities). As for the Autonomous Local Entities conformed in Andalusia, they are usually a previous step to the creation of a new municipality, for which the Law 27/2013, of Rationalization and Sustainability of the Local Administration has established a population limit that, in the practice, suppresses segregationist aspirations.


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