Planimetry of the Monumental of Jaén Kingdom´s “Caudillos” located in Santisteban del Puerto


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Monument planimetry, Santisteban del Puerto, San Esteban Castle, Ducal palace, Convent of San Francisco, Caudillos of the Kingdom of Jaén, Ducal Archive of Medinaceli


The Ducal Archive of Medinaceli hosts an interesting collection of maps and plans which has recently been catalogued by a team of specialists during the completion of an I+D research project. In the collection, there is a set of plans associated with the Casa de Santisteban del Puerto, the so-called Caudillos mayores(main chieftains) of the Kingdom of Jaén. In this paper, we will be focusing on the most relevant properties in this city: the famous Castle of San Esteban, the Ducal Palace and the Convent of San Francisco.

Our research is based on a descriptive methodology on the main urban-planimetric typological characteristics of historical cities, as is the case of Santisteban del Puerto. And its result not only provides the opportunity to make a reflection about the importance of drawing in the world or architecture, but also rectifies some imprecisions concerning this catalogue in order to reach a better understanding of the maps. The importance of the planimetry covered here lies in the fact that the monuments no longer exist.


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Antonio Sánchez-González, University of Huelva

Associate Professor

Department of History, Geography and Anthropology

4 six-year periods of CNEAI investigation



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Sánchez-González, A. (2020). Planimetry of the Monumental of Jaén Kingdom´s “Caudillos” located in Santisteban del Puerto. Revista De Estudios Andaluces, (40), 187–188. Recuperado a partir de



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