Nacionalismo, federalismo y democracia en Estados multinacionales

Ramón Maíz


This contribution examines some normative assumptions and fundamentals of the
multinational states, specifically those containing minorities coexisting with a national
majority that has historically been the backbone of the state. The crisis in
tradiditionally unitary states and post-communist ones that pursue compulsory
policies of national homogenization and assimilation have forced a re-examination of
the normative and institutional conditions conducive to the coexistence of several
nationalities within the same state, against the classic maxim that every state should
become a nation and every nation should become a state. The present study contains a
constructiviste critique of the ethnic, prepolitic concept of nation an suggest a
cooperative and competitive reformulation of federalism as a democratic and
processual device to institutionalize multinationalism by means of accomodation.

Palabras clave

Nacionalismo; federalismo; democracia

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