Instructions for sending originals



The sending of originals for publication in Philologia Hispalensis is managed through the Open Journal Systems (OJS) system. Once registered as an author in the system, you must follow the steps explained below to submit your proposal to the journal.

  1. Log in with your registered username through the following link:
  2. On the “Personal Area” screen, click on the “New Submission” to Philologia Hispalensis option.
  3. There are five steps for sending a new original. Each of them requires several actions that are detailed below.

STEP 1. Start the submission

  1. In the first screen you must select the section of the journal to which you wish to send your proposal (Articles, Book Reviews or Notes and Reviews) and the language of your submission (Spanish or English):

  2. Make sure your submission meets all the requirements for the proposal to be valid. To do this, check that you have all the items included in the “Submission Checklist” and check each box. Please remember that the submission will be returned if you do not comply with any of these requirements.
  3. Check the box to agree to the intellectual property conditions before clicking “Save and Continue” to Step 2.

  4. Please include the ORCID digital identification code in your article, an alphanumeric, non-commercial code that uniquely identifies scientists and other academic authors [more information at].

STEP 2. Upload the submission

Follow the instructions on the screen to load the document that contains your original. At this point in the process you should only upload the file in .pdf format. Once uploaded, click on “Save and continue”

STEP 3. Enter the submission metadata

  1. Enter the data of the main author and, if necessary, add other authors.

  2. Indicate the title of your proposal along with a brief summary. Maximum 150-200 words.
  3. Provide the necessary terms to index the submission. In the “Classification by Subjects” field, you will find a link through which you can locate the code of the universal decimal classification that best fits the subject of your work. You must copy the corresponding code and subject and paste them in this field.
  4. Then click on “Save and continue”. You must not fill in the “Collaborating Institutions” or “References” sections.

STEP 4. Upload the additional files.

At this stage of the process, you must upload your original in doc format (essential for the submission to be valid) and, if necessary, other files such as images or tables (only in .jpg or .tiff format). You will be asked again for a series of “metadata” for each file that you upload: you only need to fill in the “Title” field.

STEP 5. Confirm the submission.

Finally, to send your original to Philologia Hispalensis click on “Complete Submission”. The main contact of the submission will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email and you can see the progress of the submission through the editorial process by logging on to the journal website.